At CraftAG

we envision a world...

Where small, family farms
have access to information, technology and markets that make agriculture more earth friendly and profitable,

Where innovative brands source premium ingredients through a network of authentic and sustainable suppliers,

Where consumers have access to products they can trace back to the people who make them and the production processes used. And where they can make informed purchase decisions that have a positive impact on communities and ecosystems.

CraftAg is helping to build that world through investments, partnerships, and technology incubation that touch and transform every point in the agricultural value chain.

In The News

Seneca Foods joins CraftAG


February 6, 2020 CraftAg is pleased to announce a joint venture with Seneca Foods to create a vertically integrated supply chain for premium hemp flower and products. The new partnership joins CraftAg’s hemp expertise with Seneca’s multi-generational legacy in food production and distribution at scale. The result is an unbeatable platform for development and production of new hemp-based consumer products.

CraftAG Biosciences

CraftAg Processing provides unique plant genetics adapted to the local climate.

 Beverly, Washington

 45,000 square feet of growing space

CRAFTAG Processing

CraftAg Processing provides services helping farmers get to market at premium prices.

 Sunnyside, Washington

 268,860 square feet of processing space




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AromaHemp™ is a premium, whole-food ingredient for a new generation of hemp-based products.

It begins with elite hemp cultivars, selected for superior taste and grown in the alluvial soils of the Pacific Northwest. It is a safe and flavorful input for pipes and herbal vapor blends and it is the key ingredient to CBD-infused consumer goods. AromaHemp™ is the Pacific Northwest answer to the global call for a superior, sustainable, and CBD-rich hemp supply.

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CBD Hemp Supply Chain