Farm to shelf hemp based smokable products

The smokable CBD market can be confusing and difficult to navigate - let us help you.
We have the experience, knowledge, and know-how to get you where you want to go.

We are involved every step of the way - from the seed that is sown down to the last puff you take...


We work with the most experienced breeders and growers along the western coastal agricultural regions with a long history of creating the largest, most seductive aromatic, and beautiful shades of boutique cannabis sativa flowers to feed our Otzi program. For our Alt-Tobacco blends, we work with Oregon and Washington “aroma hops” farmers. They produce a high grade, predictably clean, full flavor, aromatic hemp flower ready for cutting, blending, and making into Alt-Tobacco blends in 20 packs. 

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Otzi: Hemp's natural state of being. Otzi curing is like stopping time at the perfect moment of harvest, picking your hemp flower and transporting it to the moon (zero pressure and minus 170 degrees). Then somehow applying the perfect energy curve for the final dry/cure to "capture that fresh flower essence"  - OR - an "Advanced Process Development Facility" run by a group of scientists.

Otzi cured flower is in “Nature’s State” - the way Mother Nature intended humans to experience fresh flowers.



For the boutique hemp market, we offer our AromaHemp™, the highest quality flower from the Pacific Northwest, in either jars or pre-rolls. For the alt-tobacco market, we produce a clean, consistent, nice flowing hemp cigarette in standard 20 count hard packs of 100's. Quality you can count on by CraftAg. German engineering we count on by Hauni and Fokke. 

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Private label, toll processing, white label, it's all confusing. Suffice it to say, if we can make it, we will make it for you. If it's made from the cannabis sativa plant, federally legal, and you smoke it, CraftAg can manufacture it at a low cost.
1. We can harvest and Otzi cure some or all of your crop - sell your own Otzi.
2. Buy exclusive rights - no one else can have your Otzi cured cannabis strain.
3. Turn key licensing - your concept, your brand, we deliver.

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Field preparation captures freshness: We flash freeze the entire hemp biomass in liquid nitrogen to -70 degrees. The waste is brittle and naturally separates from rock hard, perfectly preserved, flower. The CRYO trimmed waste is disposed of, not worthy of smoking. Crisp, clean, nature's state: the art and science of Lyophilization - the earth's most gentle way to dry, but difficult to perfect and even harder to master. The result: Unmatched. Unique. In Aroma. Structure. Chemistry.

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CraftAg assembled the physical and human capital in 2020 to create the

following annual capacity:

thousand pounds of trimmed hemp flower
thousand pounds of ground hemp substrate
million hemp seeds
million hemp cigarettes