Igniting the Legal Cannabis Revolution

We are driving keystone technologies: Plant genetics, advanced manufacturing, product innovation, and compliance.

At its inception, co-founders Rory Rawlings and Rachael Donham started CraftAg to sell technology and inputs to hemp farmers. The impetus for this new business was the federal legalization of high-CBD hemp and the birth of a new agricultural sector. Recognizing plant genetics as the keystone technology of this industry, CraftAg sold and distributed a quarter million seedlings of an aromatic, high-CBD strain to farmers participating in Washington's first season of hemp production. 

Jan. 2021

CraftAg selects Shared Vision (Atlanta, GA) and Green St. (Los Angeles, CA) to help build CraftAg's brands

Jan. 2021

Acquired lyophilization facility in Albany, OR

Oct. 2020

Second harvest of 540K lbs.

Jul. 2020

Released first cigarette brand: Sturgis

Jun. 2020

Second seedlings planted

May. 2020

 Acquired first cigarette factory in Charles City, Virginia

May 2020

Produced 500K seedlings

Apr. 2020

Released first jars & joints brand: AromaHemp

Feb. 2020

CraftAg created partnership with Seneca and moved into 260K square-foot facility

Oct. 2019

First harvest of 200K lbs.

Jun. 2019

First seedlings planted by farmer network

May. 2019

Joint Venture with Loftus Ranches

Feb. 2019

First round of seeds sold to farmer network

Dec. 2018

Farm Bill is signed legalizing hemp-derived CBD nationally

Nov. 2018

Partnered with Sovereign Fields for seeds


Greenhouses built in Beverly, WA


CraftAg is born