About us

Great products for great people

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through careful crafting of health producing agricultural products. We value:

  1. Transparency - Tell the truth. Don’t hide things. Keep things simple so they can be understood. Let people know you are going to do things if it might concern them.

  2. Fun - We know work can’t be all fun. But, if you are not having fun at work, then talk to your manager or HR. Joyful and fun experiences lead to healthier and more productive people.

  3. Adaptability - The world changes rapidly and not all things can be anticipated. To stay relevant and achieve our goals we must adapt.

  4. Generosity - Be generous in mind, spirit, and earthly matters. If someone makes a mistake, forgive them. Don’t make up and hold onto negative stories about the motivations and actions of others. Share ideas. Participate in volunteer and philanthropic activities of your own or those sponsored by your company.

Most of all, "Be Purple" - NOT the color … be different, be remarkable, be surprising, take risks. And, Keep Making a Ruckus.

Our Team