Meet Our Farmers

We aren't a commodity company. We are a team of passionate and remarkable people sharing what we love with the world.

Grown to be the best

CraftAg has created a fully integrated supply chain, built on a foundation of select genetics, grown through a network of qualified, professional farmers and processed with proprietary technology into unique inhalable products.

Plant genetics are the origin of value in the agricultural supply chain. The choice of cultivar sets the bounds of commercial success for the crop. This is why AromaHemp™ is defined by elite genetics, selected for the yield that farmers need and the traits that consumers demand.

A successful hemp breeding program requires an extensive seed bank plus mastery of pollen feminization and hemp seed production. CraftAg meets these requirements and our R&D team is dedicated to finding and developing the next generation of hemp genetics. 

Grow With Us

Processed to be the best

Hemp farmers looking to get the most out of your harvest, bring your crops to us to be Otzi cured.  Using our revolutionary new process, you can skip that long, labor intensive drying and curing process that is fraught with environmental conditions and human error.  Otzi eliminates that.  In just days from being harvested, your crop can be fully dried and cured - with more color, aroma, size, cannabinoids and terpenes than traditional methods. 

Process With Us