Infrastructure and Technology for Smokable Cannabis

CraftAg is paving the way to advance agriculture with technology and develop industry leading products.

Otzi curing is a holistic process beginning with getting to know our farmers, the history of their ground, and whether they grow using clean methods or depend on chemical concoctions. Our team of agronomists and quality assurance experts ensure a clean crop and pave the way for our harvest crew. Experience in the field tells us we need to be there, in the field if we are going to capture the Nature State.

We buy cannabis and help Growers find markets for Otzi cured cannabis flower.

We help Brands find the strain and effect they want.

We are working to reduce the cost and make cannabis available to Everyone.

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Otzi delivers...

No Shrinkage

Don't lose 30-40% of your crop to traditional drying/curing. Otzi goes above and beyond the industry norm

No Spoilage

Say goodbye to bud rot and mold. Otzi maintains overall health and quality

Perfect Preservation

How nature intended - no loss in cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes

Otzi Processing...

Get the most out of your harvest with Otzi - check the "Otzi Processing"

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technology can improve your business.

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