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The legal cannabis CBD smokable market is expected to reach $400M by 2025. Find out how you can get involved today!

Whether you're expanding your product line with hemp cigarettes or would like to offer a healthier alternative to tobacco, we help you navigate the hemp industry. From processing to production and packaging, CraftAg is your one-stop shop for smokable hemp. Contact our sales team
to  walk you through the process and get you a quote.

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Otzi Processing

We have the infrastructure to scale your business needs

Sunnyside, Washington

Located in the heart of our hemp farmland, our 100,000 sq. ft. facility houses our world-class high-volume intake line.  Here, our harvested hemp is brought in from the fields to begin the first phase of our revolutionary new Otzi process - completely replacing the traditional drying and curing process.

Albany, Oregon

This is where the Otzi magic happens! Once our hemp is flash-frozen it goes through the lyophilization process which removes the ice crystals - leaving a freeze-dried flower that retains its full taste, color, potency, and fragrance. All within days of being harvested.

Charles City, Virginia

What was once the historic Virginia Heritage cigarette factory is now a state-of-the-art hemp cigarette production facility. With machinery capable of producing 7,000 cigarettes a minute, we are able to fulfill even the largest of orders for both our own brands as well as those of others. 

We have the personnel and experience to bring your vision to reality

Agricultural Experts

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge in propagation, cultivation, harvesting, and processing of agricultural products. You know you'll always get the highest-quality products grown with care, responsibility, and environmental consciousness.


We've assembled some of the best engineers from many different industries in order to build and refine our processes and equipment. This has allowed us to pioneer technologies such as our Otzi . If you can think it, we can make it.                  


With backgrounds in production, packaging, and distribution of tobacco, cannabis, fruits, vegetables, software, consumer package goods, to name a few, we have the production know-how to move products from raw materials through to finished products on the shelf.


Because hemp is such a new legal agricultural product and state laws are constantly changing and differing, it can be hard to know what's legal and what's not. CraftAg is dedicated to being a trusted industry-leader in regulatory and legal compliance.          

Custom Branded Cigarettes

We're committed to providing our partners with a better product, and that means being obsessive about our artisan legal cannabis processes. By only working with experts who have experience in the legal cannabis industry, we can offer you a better experience than you'll find anywhere else. Depending on your specific situation, we work with existing brands and develop new ones.